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The Gift of Grief – Grief Seminar

The Gift of Grief?   Really, are we seriously calling grief a gift?

So, how do we square that circle?  Well, grievers understand, that in one snap of the fingers, life can be forever changed. As a result, our pace is more deliberate or we pause for a moment to smell the flowers.   We hug those we love a little tighter and a little longer.   And we take those opportunities to tell them that we love them. Grievers you see, have come to understand the gift of love and life.

Still, the holiday season can be decisively difficult if you’re a griever. Despite the considerable amount of holiday festivities, the pervasive memories of holidays past are constant reminders of the loss of a loved one.  This can lead to sadness, loneliness and even a sense of hopelessness.  Yet, there is both hope and help!

We invite you to join us on Saturday, November 13th for “The Gift of Grief,” a seminar that will provide important tips on how to deal with grief during the holiday season.

The Gift of Grief is being led by Dr. Rachael Nolan, an Advanced-Certified Grief Recovery Specialist and published grief researcher who serves as an advocate for the needs of persons impacted by grief, trauma, and loss.

  •       The Gift of Grief – A seminar of tips on how to deal with grief during the holiday season
  •        Saturday, November 13th
  •       10 AM – 12 PM
  •       The Arlington Memorial Gardens Funeral Home, 2155 Compton Rd., 45231                             

Registration for this seminar is closed.