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All You Need Is Here At Arlington May 26, 2021

The closes Funeral Home

Ease and simplicity are hallmarks of The Arlington Funeral Home

At this time last year, we were just completing the construction of our new Celebration of Life Campus featuring the first two buildings on the campus: The Arlington Funeral Home and the Arlington Care & Cremation Center. Both facilities are now fully operational and have been operating now for over eleven months.

Heading up the funeral home staff is Managing Director Sara Underhill, a native of Cincinnati and a licensed funeral director since 2011. After graduating Summa Cum Laude from the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science, Ms. Underhill left the Tri-State area for 5 years, taking a position as a licensed funeral director and embalmer in Defiance, Ohio. While working in Defiance, she had the honor of serving as president and treasurer for the Ohio Funeral Directors Association, District One. In 2016 Ms. Underhill returned to Cincinnati and took a position with a local funeral home until 2020 when she came on board with Arlington.

While the new funeral home has been in operation for less than a year, Ms. Underhill is systematically building a burgeoning staff capable of providing service excellence as more and more of the community becomes aware that Arlington now has a single location serving both funeral and cemetery needs. Originally a staff of two, the funeral home now boosts a staff of three full-time licensed funeral directors, an apprentice funeral director and an administrator as well as other part-time employees responsible for less technical tasks.

According to Ms. Underhill, “Building a staff is a very critical responsibility. Company culture is incredibly important and taken very seriously at Arlington. Each new funeral home employee must be a fit for the entire organization’s culture of service excellence. That’s the first imperative. The second imperative is that we want to keep funeral costs reasonable by not over-staffing while, at the same time, we want a balanced staff that is large enough to be completely responsive to the needs of those who choose the Arlington Funeral Home.”

A culture of service excellence. That combined with the ease and convenience of a cemetery and funeral home makes it possible for us to handle everything for you and your family – literally from start to finish. So, if you’re considering pre-planning but dread the hurdles that are part of old, inconvenient way of doing things, call us at (513) 728-3460 for more information.

All You Need. In One Place

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