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Christmas Decoration Removal Begins Feb. 3 January 31, 2020

Christmas Flowers

Much like everywhere else – malls, retail stores and restaurants, we begin seeing Christmas decorations dot the landscape immediately following (and even sometimes prior to) Halloween.  Obviously, the Christmas season has deep familial roots and the atmosphere surrounding the Christmas season is charged with thoughts of reminiscing and memories.

We here at Arlington understand the urgent need many surviving family members experience during the Christmas season. There can be that compulsive yearning to maintain a bond with a loved one who is laid to rest here. Placing a seasonal decoration, while an extremely personal act, is a means to the end of maintaining an ethereal relationship with the deceased loved one.

But removing the decoration is equally personal.  And, when do you remove that Christmas decoration from the grave site?  Many people like to “take down” their home decorations the day after Christmas or certainly before New Year’s Day.  Others like to leave them in place for as long as they can.  If you’re a traditionalist, you may leave your tree up in your house through Epiphany (this is particularly true in Catholicism).  Epiphany, also known as Thee Kings Day, is on January 6th (twelve days after Christmas) and is when the Three Wise Men visited the infant Jesus.  According to this tradition, decorations can be removed on January 7th.

Here at Arlington we’re a little more forgiving.  Decoration “removal day” is and has been February 1st for years.  However, since February 1st lands on a Saturday this year, we’re actually deferring removal until Monday, February 3rd.  So, if you’re interested in removing decorations and preserving them, you’ll need to have your Christmas decorations removed from the Gardens no later than 6 PM on Sunday, February 2nd.

Please feel free to contact our office at (513) 521-7003 if you have questions.



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