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Construction’s Road Rage January 18, 2020

Construction Road Rage

It’s been an odd winter but meteorologically speaking, Cincinnati is well past first base and perhaps even rounding second.  Even so, while we can hope against hope, there are likely some winter days in our future before the pleasurable return of spring and warmer weather.

We’re also in the final throes of the construction of our new Celebration of Life Campus and, frankly, it can’t come soon enough.  The battle scars of construction are evidenced almost everywhere you look.  For instance, our main entrance off of Compton Road has been battered numerous times by lumbering, heavy equipment whose operators have apparently not found our narrow drives to their liking.

Bad PotholesBut perhaps the most noticeable and irritating vestige of construction is the damage to our roadways.  In the past couple of days we’ve received a blistering complaint about the condition of the roads from a cemetery visitor.  Admittedly they’re rough; but no, they’re not as bad as this photo!

With construction ongoing throughout much of the winter, it was impractical to repair the roads to simply have heavy construction equipment – cranes, dozers, concrete trucks – running over and shredding them all over again.  Therefore, the roads leading to the construction zone do indeed need to be repaired.

Good news! Repairs are on the way.  We have already signed a contract for extensive repaving early in the spring.  That doesn’t automatically make traversing the roads in question any better, but it does let everyone know that we have work to do as soon as possible.

In the meantime, here are a couple of hints that may be useful:

  • Avoid the eastern-most roads if at all possible. Those roads constitute the construction route and as noted above, the roads along that route are in fact bumpy.
  • While the roads need to be repaired, pot holes really aren’t part of the problem.  Therefore, following the posted 10 MPH speed limit will alleviate most of the problems.

As we move closer to April – when we’ll most likely begin the paving project, we’ll take whatever limited action is practical in order to make a visit to Arlington as pleasant as possible.  We ask for your continued patience.

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