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Easter flowers and Easter Decorations March 16, 2021


Easter Sunday falls on April 4th this year, which means the weather could be very spring like, or Old Man Winter could pay us one last visit with cooler temperatures.  I’m sure collectively we are all hoping we don’t need to bundle up in our winter gear as we get into April.   The timing of Easter also means a few different options for placing Easter flowers for a loved one in our gardens.

Please read our decoration guidelines for Easter:   https://amgardens.org/visitors-guide/decoration-guidelines/

Arlington will have artificial spring bouquets available for purchase for the Easter holiday for placement within our gardens.  We will also have potted floral planters available through our Flower Guild for placement for loved ones laid to rest in our Mausoleum complex.  These bouquets and planters can be ordered by calling our office at 513-521-7003.  We will not have potted plants available for grounds placement this year, this option is ONLY available for placement for those interred in the Mausoleum.  The artificial bouquets can remain at your loved ones final resting place until April 15th, when all artificial floral and decorations must be removed as we begin our spring cleanup.


  1. REPLY
    Arlene Poppe says

    Is there any way to see the bouquets and planters that are available for grounds placement? THANK YOU!!

    • REPLY
      Lisa McClain says

      Hello Arlene. We do not have pictures of the bouquets and planters (we have a variety of bouquets and the availability changes daily. The planters will not arrive until a few days before Easter), but please feel free to call our office (513) 521-7003 and we can give you a description over the phone.

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