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Garden of 23rd Psalm April 1, 2022

Terrace on 23rd


Existing featured area to become The Terrace on 23rd

In addition to the normal maintenance activities of mowing and trimming of the grounds, Arlington visitors will see a different kind of maintenance activity during this coming spring and summer. The existing platformed area next to Arlington Lake on the Garden of the 23rd Psalm will undergo an extensive renovation and, upon completion, will become The Terrace on 23rd.

The current setting features a granite Bible opened to the Twenty-Third Psalm and because of its proximity to the lake, it draws attention and often becomes a gathering area for visitors to the grounds. However, according to Arlington president Dan Applegate, the area is beginning to show its age and the many years of exposure to the sometimes-harsh effects of Cincinnati weather.

“We recognize the importance of the feature and the meaning it gives to the garden itself and so rather than just trying to patch-up or patch-over what we believe is a significant Arlington landmark, we want to embellish it and improve upon it,” said Applegate.

The site, upon completion, will continue to prominently feature the granite Bible. But there will also be new elements including benches, a cabled fencing system around the water’s edge, new landscaping and a new granite columbarium.

“Everything on the new terrace will take its inspiration from the 23rd Psalm” according to Applegate, including the steel sculpture that will sit atop of the columbarium. “We have engaged Edwin White, an artist from North Carolina, to create a scene inspired by the words of the 23rd Psalm that he has labeled ‘Lead the Way’ added Applegate.

The area around the current platform will be cordoned-off to the public during construction. “Before we can construct” said Applegate, “we’re going to need to do some deconstruction and so the area will become a construction site, but we plan to post signs and continue to provide additional updates via newsletters and through social media.” Applegate also said that the contractors will provide great care to the grounds and the area bordering the site. “We recognize and appreciate the sensitivity of the graves around the site, and we will be good and responsible stewards.”

As the project progresses, we will provide additional updates related to the construction and additional information related to this new project.


  1. REPLY
    Deborah says

    Why are you changing the name of the palms garden that really makes no sense

    • REPLY
      Lisa McClain says

      Hi Deborah. The name for the Garden of 23rd Psalm is not changing. We are adding additional cremation features to that garden and this addition will be The Terrace of 23rd. We apologize for any confusion.

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