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Here lies anonymous – The importance of Memorialization. February 26, 2022

Here lies anonymous – The importance of Memorialization.

If your loved one’s name is Anonymous, please disregard!

anon·​y·​mous | \ ə-ˈnä-nə-məs  \

Definition of anonymous

1: of unknown authorship or origin an anonymous tip

2: not named or identified an anonymous author. They wish to remain anonymous.

3: lacking individuality, distinction, or recognizability the anonymous faces in the crowd… the gray anonymous streets …

Memorialization of your loved one serves several purposes.   First and foremost, it helps nurture your spiritual needs by providing a permanent place of commemoration where family and friends can visit, remember, honor and remain connected to their loved one. 

But in addition to those spiritual benefits, memorialization is also important in preserving your loved one’s memory and legacy for future generations. The durability of a memorial made of bronze ensures that a “footprint” of a life lived endures, serving as confirmation, a touchpoint for descendants of future generations.

Every life is unique and the story of you or your loved one’s life is singularly exclusive.  So, don’t let your loved one be Anonymous.  For personalized design options enabling you to pay tribute in a unique and personal way, as well as preserve the honor of your loved one’s legacy, contact us at 513-521-7003.

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