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Locating a Loved One at Arlington May 11, 2020


One critical area of emphasis here at Arlington is to constantly seek improvement in the experience of lot owners and visitors to our grounds. Sometimes improvements come through developing or refining existing services; but, sometimes they come through the introduction of new products. During this time of Covid-19, we’re looking to technology to drive safe, socially-responsible methods that enable us to continue providing essential services.

For the past two years, we have promoted a new technological platform that’s part of our website called Locate A Loved One. Its technology leverages the global navigation satellite system (GPS) and its value is that, in combination with smart phones, it can lead visitors to the exact location of the grave of their loved one.

Over this past weekend as families, relatives and visitors poured onto our grounds for visitation, I had the privilege to help our Family Care Advisors place numerous floral arrangements on graves as Mother’s Day tributes. While I’m not an absolutely inexperienced novice in finding grave locations, Arlington’s sheer size can still present a challenge. Nevertheless, the Locate A Loved One electronic mapping system is intuitive, user friendly and makes finding a specific location infinitely easier than ever before.

During this period of time when the pandemic has forced us to restrict our office hours, it isn’t easy at all to make a quick stop at our office to request a grave location. As an alternative, I hope you’ll consider giving Locate A Loved One a try. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. And, during this very odd historical moment, a pleasant surprise is a great distraction!

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