2145 Compton Road, Cincinnati, OH 45231

New colored “Directional” lines on Arlington’s roadways July 17, 2020

The Arlington Memorial Gardens campus is growing, and to make your experience while you’re on our grounds as easy and convenient as possible,  we are implementing an updated “directional” system to ensure our families and visitors can find their way around our grounds.

As you enter the main entrance on Compton Road, you will notice three (3) colored lines on the roadway – along with a directional sign indicating where the colored lines will lead you.

Following the Blue line will take you to The Arlington Funeral Home and Cremation Tribute Center.

Following the Red line will take you to The Arlington Lakeside Chapel and Mausoleum.

Following the Green line will take you to The Administrative Office.

The trick to this process is to STOP or slow down at the entrance to determine where it is you want to go and then follow the appropriate line.  In the future, but beginning this year, we will be overhauling the entire front entrance – widening roadways, installing a new gate system and installing permanent signage.  Until then, the directional signage should be helpful in navigating our 165 acres.

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