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Garden of Roses

GARDEN OF ROSES Tornado damage requires rebuilding of pergola. On the evening of April 5, a tornado swirled through Arlington’s grounds leaving behind a line of destruction. Primarily, it twisted trees where they stood requiring their removal but the Garden of Roses long-standing pergola was totally destroyed leaving behind a…...

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Whispering Winds Scattering Garden

Whispering Winds Scattering Garden New features, designs add to ambiance While cremation may now be mainstream, back in 1986 it was still considered largely a novel option for final disposition if, that is, it was considered at all.  By a whopping 86% to 14%, Americans favored more traditional methods of…...

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WMKV Spotlight on Pre-planning and Memorialization

Listen in as Marcia Ross, Family Care Advisor at The Arlington Memorial Gardens, sits down with George Zahn of WMKV radio to discuss pre-planning and memorialization including: Full-service accommodations that include everything from cremation to traditional burial services Why Pre-Planning is the best gift you can give your family How…...

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Being Pet Friendly Also Means Pet Responsibility

Last September the Board of Trustees reversed its rule banning pets from our grounds.  Well behaved pets, primarily dogs, and their well-behaved human partners were invited to stroll through the memorial park provided they were…behaving.  The reasons for a reconsideration of a long-standing pet ban were varied but essentially there…...

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New colored “Directional” lines on Arlington’s roadways

The Arlington Memorial Gardens campus is growing, and to make your experience while you’re on our grounds as easy and convenient as possible,  we are implementing an updated “directional” system to ensure our families and visitors can find their way around our grounds. As you enter the main entrance on…...

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Improvements and Updates throughout Arlington

THE BLUE LINE AND OTHER IMPROVEMENTS Arlington’s vast green spaces and winding roads can sometimes surprise new visitors who are perhaps unsuspecting of the breadth of the park-like setting. If they missed the directional signage when they entered from Compton, they can often tour most of the entire 165 acre…...

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Live Stream and Other Customized Services for Families

Listen in as Sara Underhill, one of three Arlington Memorial Gardens Funeral Directors and Celebrant sits down with George Zahn of WMKV radio to discuss several of the unique and personal services Arlington offers including: Live Streaming and video services for funeral home services available to provide ‘virtual’ participation for…...

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Support for Operation Ramp It Up for Veterans

Memorial Day Weekend was a bit different this year at Arlington due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The flags in our Field of Memories were still erected – minus the individual flag tributes – which in turn meant monies were not raised for Operation Ramp It Up for Veterans, a non-profit…...

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Recap of Memorial Day Weekend at Arlington

Typically, Memorial Day Weekend at Arlington fills our grounds with thousands of visitors visiting the graves where loved ones are laid to rest. In more recent years, the Field of Memories has provided additional patriotic symbolism and remembrance. As unlikely as it may seem and even in the midst of…...

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Arlington’s commitment to Memorial Day

The Arlington Memorial Gardens has a long history of honoring our military members, especially during Memorial Day Weekend. In 2015, our Field of Memories was created; 1000 American Flags erected each year as a stunning tribute to the men and women who have paid the ultimate sacrifice defending our nation.…...

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