2145 Compton Road, Cincinnati, OH 45231

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What’s Your Story?

As an organization providing a physical space fundamentally dedicated to remembrance, we believe that everyone has a story to tell and we provide an open invitation to “Tell it at Arlington.” Most of us are hard-wired with the impulse to be remembered after we’re gone – come on, admit it;…...

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Arlington Bridge – Love at First Sight?

With the installation of the new foot bridge over Arlington Lake this week, numerous comparisons of this structure with the one that had stood in place for the previous 45 years are bound to surface.  But, will it be love at first sight? Year after year visitors have returned to…...

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Compton Road construction

If you have traveled along Compton Road between Pippin and Hamilton Avenue, you have no doubt experienced the Hamilton County road construction that is taking place on Compton.  We were as surprised as everyone else on the affect this construction would have on our Entrance/Exit gates.  To make things easier…...

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Christmas Decoration Removal Begins Feb. 3

Much like everywhere else – malls, retail stores and restaurants, we begin seeing Christmas decorations dot the landscape immediately following (and even sometimes prior to) Halloween.  Obviously, the Christmas season has deep familial roots and the atmosphere surrounding the Christmas season is charged with thoughts of reminiscing and memories. We…...

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Construction’s Road Rage

It’s been an odd winter but meteorologically speaking, Cincinnati is well past first base and perhaps even rounding second.  Even so, while we can hope against hope, there are likely some winter days in our future before the pleasurable return of spring and warmer weather. We’re also in the final…...

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New Bridge at Arlington Lake

The Arlington Lake Bridge, the iconic Arlington landmark well known throughout the community and one which has stood in place for 46 years, finally succumbed this past autumn to age and the elements of Cincinnati weather. The grey, graciously arched wooden structure erected in 1974 over the cove of water…...

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Celebration of Life Campus Update

If you’re driving west on Ronald Reagan Highway between the Hamilton Avenue and Colerain Avenue exits and happen to gaze to your right, you’ll see among other things the two new buildings that make up the initial construction of Arlington’s new Celebration of Life Campus, a 6 ½ acre site…...

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Arlington Christmas Remembrance Service

To Our Arlington Families: During the holiday season, we provide a meaningful venue for Arlington families to join together for a special afternoon dedicated to remembering the lives of loved ones who are laid to rest here in our gardens. The special afternoon consists of two components.  From 3:00 –…...

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These aren’t lottery numbers and are assuredly meaningless to everyone else other than the employees here at Arlington.  Ah, but January 15, 2020 is the target date for Managing Funeral Director Byron Adkins and his team to take occupancy of the new Celebration of Life Campus which is the location…...

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Veterans Day – You can help Thank & Honor a tri-state Veteran

Arlington is grateful for our Veterans and we are honored to donate the monies raised from the Field of Memories to Operation:  Ramp It Up for Veterans.  And what better way to say THANK YOU then to help a total of three Veterans regain the freedom of mobility through the…...

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