2145 Compton Road, Cincinnati, OH 45231

Road Paving…a sure sign of Spring May 1, 2020

Spring: Time of Renewal…and Paving

When you think of springtime your mind’s eye may conjure up images of Lily of the Valley, Tulips and Daffodils.  Or possibly you may be reminded of the seas of the lush, deep green grass that is part of the landscape this time of year.

As soon as winter loosens its grip and the temperatures begin their inevitable rise, the mowers and trimmers come out and the six-month long, warm weather maintenance program of our grounds begins.  Another sure sign that warmer weather has arrived is the appearance of work crews to begin our annual road paving program.  And sure enough, that time is here!

This year, the paving project will last about two weeks and includes the Compton Road main entrance, major sections of the eastern roadways and then loop past the Garden of Acacia and the Garden of Good Shepherd.  From there, the paving will move onto the Garden of Patriotism and into the Celebration of Life Campus.  The schedule is, of course, all subject to weather conditions but the paving crews should be long gone before Memorial Day.

During this time when more people are seeking to get out of the house and exercise, Arlington’s several miles of paved roads provide an excellent venue.  We thank everyone in advance for exercising common courtesy whenever funeral services are on the grounds. 

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