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The Arlington Celebration of Life Campus Update May 2, 2020


We’re getting close…very close!

Unfortunately, at about the time that construction began to wind down in March – when most of the work had been completed – excepting the finishing touches, almost simultaneously the Coronavirus pandemic began dominating the news, and soon thereafter, the shutdown began.  As a result, contractors were pulled off of the job and progress ground to a slow crawl.

Yet, it would be unfair to say that there hasn’t been some progress.  The entire campus is now “greening up” from newly sown seeding.  Further progress comes in the form of our success in acquiring our occupancy permits and the operating license from the state of Ohio.  And this week alone, the final layer of paving will go down, weather permitting.  Progress, slow but sure!

As some of the work restrictions are cautiously lifted, it looks as though we’ll be able to check-off many of the “to-do’s” that remain on our unfinished list.  The last major hurdle is most likely the furnishings.  The pandemic’s shutdown affected the furniture manufacturers resulting in backorders stretching into June.  Nevertheless, we anticipate the new facilities will be available before then as we develop some “work-arounds.”

Needless to say that in these uncertain and life-altering times, the time-line for opening new facilities takes a back seat to practically everything else that swirls around us.  But we do look forward to a time when we can properly and formally introduce the Arlington Celebration of Life Campus to the community.  In the interim, feel free to contact the Arlington Funeral Home at (513) 728-3460 or via our website at amgardens.org.

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