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Veterans Day – A Day of Gratitude November 4, 2021

Field of Memories_Flag Display

Thursday, November 11th is Veterans Day, that special day set aside to pay tribute and respect to all those men and women who have faithfully served our country in the Armed Forces and to say “Thank You” for the sacrifices they have made.

Today’s veterans come from all walks of life, from various regions of the country and with a wide array of socioeconomic differences.  However, they all share distinct qualities:  courage, pride, determination, selflessness, dedication to duty, and integrity – all characteristics needed to serve a cause larger than one’s self.  It’s these veterans, and those who came before them, who answered the nation’s call because they believed in their country and were willing to put their lives on the line to protect and defend the nation which has given them, and all of us, so much. 

 To all our veterans – Thank You for your service and your sacrifice.

Drawing from the same vein of patriotic appreciation, we at Arlington invite you to continue honoring many of those same veterans who have rendered sacrificial services to our country when we host our Memorial Day weekend display of our Field of Memories during Memorial Day weekend.  This 1,000 strong flag display honors all who have served, as well as our nation’s First Responders. More information about the 2022 Field of Memories  is forthcoming very soon, but we are making flag dedications available now and you can purchase your flag dedication today, by clicking here.

Finally, we want to give a special “thank you” and recognition to our own Arlington employee Veterans!

Neal Hils, Larry Jarrett, James Lawson, Dave McKinney, Joe Wolf and John Wright


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