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What’s Your Story? March 8, 2020

Glass Front Niches

As an organization providing a physical space fundamentally dedicated to remembrance, we believe that everyone has a story to tell and we provide an open invitation to “Tell it at Arlington.”

Most of us are hard-wired with the impulse to be remembered after we’re gone – come on, admit it; wouldn’t you like to think that your life – that is, who you are and what you’ve done – meant something to others? Memorialization lends itself to that impulse by providing a tangible place where those left behind can focus their feelings and recall their memories about us. In the past 20 years, bronze memorial manufacturers have upped their game considerably and are now capable of creating remarkable bronze products that go a long way in telling a deceased’s story through photos and other uniquely personalized reminders.

Cultural shifts occur over time and the past few decades have witnessed a much broader acceptance of cremation as the preferred method of final disposition in the United States. These shifts and their underlying causes are interesting and varied but are a discussion for another time. Suffice it to say that Ohio has followed suit and its cremation rate is now 41-50%, depending on which part of the state is being considered.

While technology has appreciably increased the ways and means to personally memorialize a deceased who has opted for traditional burial, providing the same, deeply personalized montage for those opting for cremation has often lagged behind.

However, Arlington’s new Light of My Life Tributes in our secure, climate-controlled Lakeside Chapel is a uniquely eloquent way to combine the cremation option with a wonderful method to tell your story at Arlington. Most importantly, the back-lit niches – including the featured curved, bay window niches – are typically larger than the glass fronts of the past providing more space for ornate urns, photos and other personalized mementos and keepsakes.

We invite everyone, whether it’s pre-planning for yourself or a final resting place for a loved one, to take advantage of our special Introductory Offer through the month of March. It’s the opportunity to create a unique, everlasting memorial tribute – and to tell a story!

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