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Funeral Arrangements & Options

So many ways to honor, celebrate and remember your loved one. Let us guide you through the process of sharing your loved one’s story and legacy.

Celebrating Every Story . . .

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Funeral Services

A funeral service acknowledges the lifetime achievement of an individual and brings support to grieving family members. Our experienced staff can help you navigate through funeral arrangement decisions and options.

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personalization & unique services

Every person has a unique story and legacy to tell. Maybe your loved one loved golf or boating; maybe the beach and a margarita were their passion. Let us celebrate their story with a personalized funeral service unique to them.

Permanent Memorialization

Permanent Memorialization

By establishing a permanent memorial, you provide a place to mourn. A permanent memorial allows any person access to the one who has died. Having a specific place to grieve can be beneficial for everyone.

Livestream Funeral Services

Service video recording & Livestreaming

When friends and family cannot physically attend a service – Arlington offers the ability to broadcast live and recorded services over a secured, private network via our internal live stream service.

Funeral Celebrant

Arlington funeral celebrants

Our AMG staff Funeral Celebrants conduct non-religious, semi-religious and spiritual funeral services for your loved one for families that choose not to have an outside representative officiate the service

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onsite crematory & care center

Our state-of-the-art crematory provides peace of mind for families choosing cremation. Since many funeral homes do not have a crematory, this process is typically outsourced to other companies.

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“Funeral” as a General Term

The word “funeral” can generally refer to the entire process of caring for the body after death, including all associated services. So, “Our family is planning the funeral” could mean either a traditional service or memorial service, burial or cremation, simple or elaborate. As a culture, we’ve used the word “funeral for so long that no matter what kind of service it may be, we still use the “funeral” in a general sense in our conversations.

We provide all aspects of funeral arrangements, that encompass traditional, contemporary, unique personalized memorial services and more. We work with our families to provide a service that will truly honor and celebrate your loved one’s life and individual story.

Funeral Service vs. Memorial Service

Funeral Service

At a funeral service, the body is present, often in a casket in a place of honor. Considered the traditional way of putting a loved one to rest in our culture, the funeral service often features common elements and post-funeral burial.

Memorial Service

The body is not present at a memorial service, though there may be an urn or a portrait in a place of honor. The specific nature of the varies depending on the choices you make. In general, a memorial service is a ceremony that memorializes and honors the deceased without the body present (regardless of whether burial or cremation is chosen).

Service Options

Most of the time, we associate a memorial service with cremation. However, you can have a viewing, visitation, and traditional service with cremation. Arlington funerals are easily customizable, and we have lots of options available. Typically, we start with one of these options and personalize to honor your loved one from here:

Traditional service with Burial

Traditional burial may come to mind when you think of “funeral.” Typically burial includes a viewing or visitation, a funeral service, a graveside committal, and often some sort of informal gathering following the conclusion of services. After the services are concluded, the body is buried according to the family’s wishes.

Traditional Service Before Cremation

Families can also choose to have a traditional ceremony, viewing and visitation when cremation is chosen as well. Often families will want a full funeral with the body present using a rented ceremonial casket. After the services are concluded, the cremation process can take place and the final disposition will be handled according to the family’s wishes.

Memorial Service after Cremation

Often, a memorial service will be held after the cremation process. The urn and/or portrait will be present in a place of honor during the service. If the family wants to bury the urn, there may be a committal service. Otherwise, it is common to invite guests to an informal gathering where they can share stories and memories.