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Compton Gateway: Arlington’s New Pair of Shoes

In a University of Kansas study, researchers found that personality predictions, with accuracy as high as 90 percent, can be developed based on the type of shoes people wear. Obviously, shoes provide essential clues! Similarly, entrances to facilities like cemeteries can set a visitor’s expectations for what lies ahead.

For over a year now, we have been working on our Compton Gateway project, which is a start to transforming the entire north end of our 165 acres. Designed by Cleveland, Ohio architect Craig Brown, Phase I provides new signage that modernizes traffic flow in and out of Arlington’s grounds and creates an open and welcoming feel.

Phase II will begin this summer when the crumbling Compton Road wall will be removed and replaced. Also, as part of Phase II, the area just to the east of the exit drive will begin to be cleared and then developed into a pond that will, as Brown has commented, “begin to balance the water features we have developed on the south side of the grounds.” Those water features include the long-standing Arlington Lake, the ponds and water features adjacent to Ronal Reagan Highway, Patriot’s Lake across from the Garden of Patriotism, and the two connecting ponds at the Arlington Funeral Home.

Even though the construction of the Compton Gateway took much longer than anticipated, due primarily to long delays in acquiring materials, the finished product is a striking testament to Brown’s design and the craftsmanship of Cincinnati-based Jacob Masonry Contractors. The new electronic gates are a vast improvement over the old hand-manipulated swinging gates. Electronically timed, the entrance gates close precisely at the appropriate closing time (this time of year – 8 PM). Visitors departing the grounds a few minutes beyond the posted closing time will also find the gates have closed but will “trip” the gates open as they approach. And finally, Cincinnati Custom Sign manufactured the new sign creating an eye-catching iconic visual during the daylight hours and the crowning stroke of a boldly visible landmark at night.

We’re incredibly pleased with the results of Phase I and look forward to creating new and contemporary improvements to the gardens. Stay tuned!