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Elsie Lee Jones-Parrott

July 13, 1935 – November 9, 2022

Elsie Lee Jones-Parrott

Elsie Lee Jones- Parrott, 87 of Harrison, Ohio and daughter of late William and May Kirk- Jones. She was Born in Evarts Kentucky on July 13, 1935. Beloved spouse of late James Robert Parrott passed away peacefully November 09, 2022. She was a beloved mother to Bobbie S Parrott-Staley, Connie L Parrott-Schumacher and Steven E Parrott-Parro. Sister to late Nora Jones-Harrison, late Loraine Jones- Allgood and beloved grandmother to James, Julie, and Jennifer Klumb of Cincinnati, Ohio.

She dedicated her life to Church and family. She passed away peacefully and has gone home to Jesus.

Services will be held privately by the family.


Guest Book

“Elsie and I knew each other during our younger years as we both attended Central Parkway Church of God. She loved and prayed for her children. One memory I have… I lost my first husband and didn’t drive at that time. One time I was feeling very sick and Elsie picked me up to go to a doctor’s appointment. I was so ill by the time we got to the appointment, the doctor sent me on to the emergency room. Elsie graciously drove me there too. I ended up having emergency surgery and she made sure my kids were taken care of at a sitter’s house. She had a servant’s heart for sure. I remarried, years passed, and my stepson married her daughter Bobbie. You could say we were like family. I’m so sorry for your loss. With Love Barbara Staley”

“Ms. Jones-Parrott, I knew your daughter for many, many years. Her expression of love grief for you touched my heart in so many ways. Your heart and love is with Bobbie and I send many wishes and prayers for you and your daughter Rest in peace. Debbie”

“She was a gentle giant and loved by all who knew her. Thankful the Lord allowed our paths to cross.”

“Sweet sweet lady. We will miss her! Bobbie & Connie, nothing will ever replace your mother.. You will always miss her but it does get easier with time. When my mom died, it hurt my heart like nothing before, ever. Try to remember the good times you had with her. Remember her smile & kindness. We can not leave forever, death is part of life. Her legacy lives on with her family & in all of our thoughts of those of us that knew her. Bobbie, please do not stay in, that is not good for your mental state. Get out with friends or just to walk. Love you both! Take care.”

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“I did not know you but do know your daughter Bobbie, who is a very special lady. Who in years past have had many fun times together. Please test in pease.”

“I miss you and love you Mammal!! You were so funny and fun to be around. As I am writing this I’m picturing the time you were being silly and doing the chicken dance. you could not stop laughing as you kept wiping at your face and chin with a damp paper towel you always seemed to have in your hand. I also think back to when mom use to tell us you were coming over so we needed to hurry up and clean our room if we wanted those awesome fudgesicles you use to bring us. You know I tried one years later and they just didn’t taste the same.. Grandma, I hope heaven is everything and more than you ever expected. Your Granddaughter, Jennifer xoxoxo”

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“Where o where could my GRAMCRACKER be… the Lord took away from me.. She’s gone to heaven so I”VE got to be good so I can see my cramcracker when I leave this World..I loved sooooo much but never got to say goodbye.. I will never know why that was..I had plenty of time before the process. .please for give me! I will never go to frische with you again I will never pick up up a diet coke from McDonald’s again I will never hear all the funny stories u told that would happen to u. now you will see. your dad with your moonpie he left for you in his lunch box after work .I miss you so much .I love you more deeply then words can express. I would have held your hand and talk to you while you were taking your last breaths. I need closer.. and you truly are my nightlite. RIP ❌❤️❌😘”

“love you and miss you”

photo of someone holding a burning, red, heart-shaped candle in their hands

“Love you!”

“We miss you so much, Grandma! I’ll always remember the dinners you cooked for James and I at your house. We love you! Rest in Heaven.”

“We are so sorry for the loss of your mom. It is so hard to lose a loved one. We will never forget your Elsie. Mike and Ella Gibbs”

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“So blessed to know you are with Jesus now. Safe in His loving arms. Someday we shall meet in heaven. 😘🥰❤️”

“Such memories I have of my childhood and this lady. Heaven’s sounding sweeter all the time. Love you all”

photo of a dark yellow candle burning in a dark room with white flowers behind it

“We are so sorry for your loss,bless you and your family”

“From the time I was in High School to today, I have always known Mrs Parrot to be one of the most Sweetest and most Graceful Woman ever. Much Love.”

“Mom I miss and love you so much but I know you are so happy with Jesus. I think about you every day and my heart aches for you. I love you Smores Smores Smores. Connie”

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“I miss you so much mommy. You kept me in church even when I didn’t want to go and now my life is dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ due to your endless prayers. You had a hard life growing up and I know it must of been difficult to trust anyone, however through all the trials and tribulations you persevered. You had a kind, caring and giving heart and I am so blessed God chose you to be my mommy. I’ll see you one day soon in that land where we never grow old. 💕❤️💕❤️”

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