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Tessa Elaine Waddell

april 19, 1997 – june 30, 2023

Tessa Elaine Waddell

Tessa Waddell, age 26, passed away on June 30, 2023.

Tessa was born in Cincinnati, Ohio to Frederick Waddell and Meg Waddell (nee DeWitt).

Tessa is survived by her mother, Margaret Waddell, her son, Jaxxon Edington, her siblings, Jennifer McIntyre and Jake Waddell, her maternal grandmother, Julia DeWitt, her nephew Kaiden McNutt, aunts, uncles, and friends.

She was preceded in death by her father, Frederick Waddell, maternal grandfather, Robert DeWitt, Sr., and her paternal grandparents, Michael and Carol Waddell.

You cannot have life with out death. That is the promise we all made when we were born. Tessa love life. Loved her son Jaxxon with all her heart. She loved her mom and dad. She made incredible bonds with those she let into her circle. She dreamed of helping others succeed in beating their addictions.

She enjoyed spending time with friends and family. At gatherings she would bring her favorite dessert to share with the group.

She succumbed to her personal demons on June 30, 2023. Tessa will be remembered for her smile and her beautiful soul. As a reminder of her soul, please hug the ones you love and tell them you will always be here for them.

She was always down for anything. Be it riding quads, hanging at home, or fiercely protecting family and friends.

A celebration of life will be held Saturday, July 8, 2023, from 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM at 931 McPherson Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45205. Feel free to bring a side dish to share. Contact Megan Miller or Shawna Gross on Facebook for more details.

In memory of Tessa’s life, donations can be made under Tessa Waddle to Newfoundationsrecovery.org

Guest Book

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“I met Tessa when I came to Cincinnati Ohio to be with my mother while she was battling cancer and my mom loved Tessa like her own and I’m so hurt she left us I love this girl just like a sister this shit hurts so bad last time we talked she told me she was doing good and she had her lil baby in her arms smiling omg this can’t be real kiss my mother for me imma miss you so much 😭😭my lil feelings hurt to the bone 😭”

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“I met tessa at recovery works , We didnt get to become a good of freinds as we both hoped mainly do to me moving out of sober living to continue my path of recovery . But from time to time we would send each other simple messages of encouragement . Seems like once a week her face and goofy personality would pop in my head. Real and unique would be the best way to describe her . A special kind of person . Very rare . She will be greatly missed and never forgotten . My Thoughts and Good mana are directed torwards anyone hurting . Lets celebrate her life and message .”

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“For Meg, I am so sorry for your loss. I know that there are no words to comfort you right now, but please know that you and Tessa are in my prayers. Please be kind to yourself and take time out when you need it. There are more people pulling for you than you know.”

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“I met Tessa when she was 14yrs old & We became Best-Friends.Tess is & has always been a really good friend/sister. She has always been there if I needed to talk or a listening ear I could always count on My Buddie she was or would always be there. She was so down to earth & always kept it real she was so fun to be around she has always been the life of the party no matter where we was at if Tessa was there then she made it fun. She has such a awesome outgoing personality she’s so funny she always made me or anyone around her laugh. If I needed Tess for anything she was or would always there. Tessa is one of the realist friends I’ve ever had. I am so Thankful to have such an amazing beautiful unique one of a kind friend as special as Tessa Waddell.”

“Tessa, you were such a special part of my family. My daughters Vina and Cheyanne truly love you and always thought of you as a sister. My entire family will miss you greatly. We will miss your laughter, your jokes, your spark, your compassion. The world is less bright without you.”

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“I watched Tessa grow over the years as I did many young ladies throughout Lower Price Hill. I watched her go from a child to a beautiful young lady and even a mother. Tessa had a heart of gold & was a blast to be around. I’ll forever carry memories I have with you in my heart. I love you Tessa and I’ll see you on the other side of the gates baby girl.”

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“Dear Meg, I work in the West Chester office. I have been where you are. I want you to know my heart breaks for you, your grandson and your entire family. I want to tell you somethings I wish someone would have told me. First, there is no right or wrong on how you feel or what you do during this, moms are not meant to bury a child. Second, everyone will grieve different so try to be patient with one another. Third, remember to lean on God, he will bring healing in time, and he will understand all your feeling, even if you are angry with him- I was for a long time. Last, hold on to one another and her memories, all the love you have for her. I promise your love will go stronger every day and that never changes. My prayers are with you and everyone who loved your daughter.”

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“Me and Tessa grew up together when we were younger kids/ teenagers. We went to school together and became bestfriends, inseparable at one point. I remember all of our wonderful memories, from staying at Fred’s house like almost every night to going to visit her mom and brother, we have laughed cried and we enjoyed many memories together she was such a happy beautiful soul and she loved everybody. As we grew older we grew apart but when we ran back into each other in 2017 she was fighting her battle and we clicked like we never lost a beat. You will forever be missed and I’ll always reminisce on our memories we have had together, another one of my childhood friends gone way to soon. I hope you’re dancing in the sky because you loved to dance.”

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“Tessa was a good friend of mine , we played volleyball together 6,7,& 8th grade together. We have tons of great memories from running around the neighborhood being typical teenage girls, to dying our hair purple in the 6th grade behind our parents backs. Tessa was a beautiful soul and anyone who ever met her will say the same. We will forever love and miss you Tess.”

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“I met Tessa at new foundations and then continued our friendship at the jordan house and even after I had moved out. Tessa was like a little sister I didn’t know I needed! She was so funny and outgoing and loved her son, family, and friends more than anything. She was a beautiful one of a kind soul and I’m so grateful I got to be apart of her life. Love you Tess!”

photo of someone holding a burning, red, heart-shaped candle in their hands

“I met Tessa through my daughter Angie, Tessa came to our home and became like family to us. Tessa watched my youngest granddaughter while I worked when she was pregnant with her son. Tess had a beautiful smile and a heart of gold I pray her soul is now at peace and she sits with god. I will be sure Natalee my granddaughter sees every picture we have of the 2 of them and that she knows her and what a wonderful soul she was. Tina Duggins 7/4/2023”

“I was Tessa’s house manager at New Foundations St. Lawrence. I got to build a bond with Tessa that I will cherish forever. I needed her just as much as she needed me. I got to be apart of her life for several years. I had the honor to share many laughs with her as well as watching her become a mother. She was a great mother and loved her son Jaxxon dearly. She will forever be in my heart.”

“I met Tessa at Safety Net. I was her house mom and roommate. She was always smiling and happy. We would spend weekends bing watching tv shows. She always made me laugh when I was having a bad day. I will always love her and forever miss her.”

“I met Tessa at New Foundations. We shared almost a year of Recovery. Tessa was loving and something fierce in this world, she was passionate and charming. She made me laugh our loud. We shared hopes and dreams, we shared fears and losses, in that house and learned how to support each other. This world has lost a beautiful soul. Her beauty and her heart will be with us forever 💓 -E”

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