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Concerts in a cemetery? What a ridiculous idea!

Cemeteries are traditionally viewed as solemn and hallowed grounds of reverence and reflection where the deceased find their final resting place.

That’s a traditional view that espouses one perspective. But there’s another, quite different viewpoint.

We’re a little different because we believe cemeteries can be versatile spaces that serve both the dead and the living. That belief is one of the reasons we’re in the running for three categories of Cincinnati.com’s Best of Best Choice Awards: Best Funeral Home & Crematory, Best Place to Work, and Best Locally Owned Business.

There are critics of our concerts, considering them disrespectful of the sacredness of the deceased’s final resting place. But here’s our philosophy. Does embracing life within our cemetery grounds diminish the reverence for the deceased? Or does using our beautiful space confirm the understanding that life and death are interconnected and that concerts are a way to honor life’s continuity and celebrate the memories of those who have passed away? It makes for an exciting conversation.

We’ve wrapped up our 2023 season and want to thank all those who have attended one of our concerts this summer. We hope to see all of those who patronized us this year back again in 2024. Over the past ten years, we have shifted to a broader music genre that appeals to Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Millennials who collectively grew up listening to pop and rock. Come and join us next year!

Beginning in April, we’ll post all our 2024 events on our website, including our concert series. Visit us often and stay in touch with us via our website and other social media platforms.