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Cremation Popularity Rising in America

Over the past 30 years, cremation has become decidedly more acceptable, and in 2021, it leaped ahead of traditional burial as America’s preference for final disposition. There are several explanations why cremation has gained a foothold, but changing attitudes have played a decisive role in bending the curve in its direction. According to research, beliefs about the afterlife, environmental concerns, and shifting religious practices have contributed heavily to the increased acceptance of cremation as a valid choice for final disposition.

While America seizing upon cremation signals a willingness to accept change in some aspects of death care, there are enduring attachments to other change-resistant norms and rituals. Foremost among those are the cemetery final placement and memorialization options for a deceased loved one, even when the deceased was cremated. To some, that may seem counterintuitive, but there are compelling reasons why families continue to place the cremated remains of their loved ones in a cemetery. The following brief discussion hits on nine of the more compelling reasons why families who opt for cremation may still want a final placement or memorialization.

9 Reasons Why You May Want a Final Placement or Memorialization

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Permanence and Commemoration:

A cemetery provides a dedicated and perpetually cared-for location for the placement of cremated remains. This allows for ongoing remembrance and creates a lasting memorial for survivors of the deceased to visit and pay their respect, a fact that can’t be minimized as an essential element in coping with grief.

Centralized Gathering Place:

Cemeteries often serve as central gathering places for families and friends to come together and remember after losing a loved one. Having the cremated remains interred in a cemetery provides a specific location for collective remembrance, a celebration of life memorial service, and future visits.

Sense of Tradition:

For those who value traditional customs, planning a cremation memorial service in a cemetery aligns with established practices of interment and memorialization. It connects to ancestral traditions and provides a sense of continuity.

Honor and Respect:

Placement in a cemetery epitomizes honor and respect for the deceased. The final resting place is a dignified and sacred acknowledgment of the significance of the deceased loved one’s life and provides a space where survivors can pay homage.

Shared Family Plot:

Cemeteries offer opportunities for families to share a family plot or a designated area where multiple generations can be laid to rest together. This fosters a sense of ancestral connection and creates a lasting family legacy in a single location.

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Memorials and Markers:

Cemeteries allow for the installation of memorials that provide visible and personalized tributes to the deceased. Memorialization at Arlington is high-quality bronze memorials that can be personalized with names, dates, quotes, symbols, and pictures that reflect the individual’s life, personality, and beliefs.

Ease of Visitation:

Cemeteries provide accessible, serene, and well-maintained environments for visiting the final resting place of loved ones. Arlington’s grounds offer quiet reflection, remembrance, and connection with the deceased.

Preservation and Care:

Cemeteries are responsible for the perpetual care and maintenance of the grounds. Placing cremated remains in a cemetery ensures that they will be preserved, protected, and maintained by professionals, allowing for the ongoing care of the memorial site.

Variety of Options:

Arlington offers wide-ranging options for the final disposition of cremated remains. Burial is but one choice. Alternative options include placement in outdoor columbarium niches, cremation gardens, family plots, cremation burial plots, scattering gardens, mausoleum niches (including glass-front” niches), and other unique options.

Cremation Final Placement & Memorialization Options at The Arlington Memorial Gardens

Finally, these are all essential considerations for placing cremated remains in a cemetery, but they are not exhaustive. Individual preferences may vary, and there may be other, even more compelling personal reasons to consider the placement and memorialization of cremated remains in a cemetery. The best advice is to contact our office and speak with a Family Care Advisor who will be pleased to provide more information regarding permanent placement and all of Arlington’s available options.