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Honoring the Heart and Soul of the Funeral Profession: A Tribute to Our Funeral Home and Directors

By Dan Applegate, President of the Arlington Memorial Gardens

As we march toward another spring and the promise of warmer weather we’re pausing today to reflect on the profound significance of the critical work by funeral directors across the nation. Today is National Funeral Director and Mortician Recognition Day. I want to extend my deepest gratitude and admiration to the compassionate people who serve as the pillars of our funeral home and the wider profession.

At The Arlington Memorial Gardens Funeral Home, our funeral directors are not just professionals; they are unique individuals who bring their own special qualities to guide families through the delicate process of saying goodbye to their loved ones. Their expertise is coupled with unwavering empathy and support. It’s not just a job for them; it’s a calling that demands dedication, grace, and a profound understanding of human emotion.

Our funeral directors embody these virtues. With their gentle demeanor, tireless dedication, and boundless compassion, they are the guardians of solace, bearers of comfort, and weavers of cherished memories. They serve to uplift and honor the sanctity of every cherished moment because they believe that in the tapestry of life and death, the threads of compassion and connection weave enduring legacies.

In 2022 and 2023, the Arlington Funeral Home was voted the Best Funeral Home in the Tri-State by Cincinnati.com and the Best Place to Work. Obviously, we’re proud of the recognition and believe it’s a harbinger of the great service we will offer to our families in the future. While our funeral directors are stewards of tradition they are also pioneers of innovation. They honor the timeless rituals that bring comfort to grieving hearts while also embracing modern techniques and technologies to enhance the funeral experience. From digital memorialization to eco-friendly practices, they ensure that every service reflects the unique spirit of the individual being commemorated.

On this special day, as we pay tribute to our funeral home and directors, we also extend our gratitude to the entire funeral profession, which stands as a beacon of support for those in need, providing solace and dignity to families from all walks of life. It is a privilege to serve alongside such dedicated professionals. We invite you to join us in celebrating National Funeral Director and Mortician Recognition Day by taking a moment to acknowledge the profound impact of these unsung heroes.

Arlington’s Funeral Home Directors and Support Staff