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The new “Gateway” to Arlington’s grounds is moving forward, albeit slowly. The new electronic gate system is now in place and functional. We are now in the process of acquiring the construction permit from Hamilton County for the new signage. We understand that the permit is forthcoming in the next few days. Once we have the permit in hand, the footer for the sign will be installed with the masonry work to follow.

Just a word about the pace of this project, and every other construction project currently underway. Nothing, absolutely nothing, moves forward at the pace that we would like to see. For instance, the new gates were ordered in October, and we finally took delivery in June – a supply chain issue. The installation took 2 ½ weeks – much longer than anticipated – due to a vendor issue stemming from a lack of employees. We are simply in a period where there are delays layered on top of delays producing the appearance of inefficiency.

But in the current “post-pandemic” environment, the alternative is to simply do nothing; and rather than do nothing, we’ve opted to wobble through each project – and it does feel extremely wobbly at times – gnashing our teeth with every new delay. (A related sidebar here: A big shout out to Chick-a-Fila for figuring out how to maintain its operating efficiency!)

Notwithstanding Chick-a-Fila’s example, the message here is that we all need to exercise patience. Once the project is completed, I think everyone will appreciate the improvements.


We’ve received a few questions regarding the Christus statue that welcomed visitors to Arlington for many years. The statue itself has numerous hairline cracks and the base has all but crumbled away. It has been removed for repairs and/or replacement.

As the next phase of the gateway gets underway next year, a plan has been designed to install a pond and water features immediately to the east of the exit. Once that is completed, the Christus (or a new replacement) will be prominently situated as the primary feature of that new area. We appreciate your interest in our projects and the development of the park. Thank you!