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1-15-20 November 8, 2019

Visitation Room

These aren’t lottery numbers and are assuredly meaningless to everyone else other than the employees here at Arlington.  Ah, but January 15, 2020 is the target date for Managing Funeral Director Byron Adkins and his team to take occupancy of the new Celebration of Life Campus which is the location of the Arlington Funeral Home & Celebration of Life Center as well as the Arlington Cremation Tribute Center, both now under construction.  The clock is ticking.

This six acre campus is unlike anything else in the region.  Initially the home of these first two buildings, it’s expected to blossom into several other buildings and become a convenient center for those looking for tradition and non-tradition alike.  It’s a fact that funeral rituals and practices are different than they were as recent as 5 or 10 years ago and they continue to evolve as people’s attitudes change. 

The Funeral Home & Celebration of Life Center is open, light and airy but flexible so that it can accommodate traditional as well as more contemporary services.  The surrounding area will have walking paths, outdoor gathering areas, ponds and water features and meditation “pods.”

In keeping with our memorialization traditions, we want to encourage people to respectfully understand death and express their religious faith, but also celebrate the life of the deceased.  In fact, one of our core beliefs is that everyone has a story – and that we are here to help tell it.  That’s the basis for our message: “It’s Your Story…Tell it at Arlington.”

We’ll continue to provide more information on changing traditions and how we can help you with your planning.  And, more updates to come next month as the opening of the Celebration of Life Campus grows closer.

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