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Becoming the best at anything is a challenging journey. It takes grit, scrappiness, and relentless deliberateness to stay the course. And once achieved, laying claim to being “the best” is frequently subjective.

The Difference Between Achievements & Being the Best

An Artistic Comparison

Consider artistic or musical creations. What one person considers the best painting or song might differ from someone else’s opinion. Unless, of course, we’re considering Rembrandt, Bach, or the Beatles. In those cases, there is consensus.

LSU Football’s Achievements

In the world of sports, crowning a team as the best is often debatable and tenuous. Teams sometimes mysteriously rise above others with suddenness and claim a short-lived, one-year wonder type of championship. That happened in the 2019 collegiate football season when LSU and Heisman Trophy winner Joe Burrow caught lightning in a bottle, ravaging all of their opponents while laying claim to the prestigious national championship. But, the following season LSU fell back to earth losing five games.

The Chiefs: 3-Peat Super Bowl Winners

Then there are teams like the New England Patriots stringing together several championship seasons while leaving little doubt that they are the best. The Kanas City Chiefs, after having won three of the last five Super Bowls, are now generally considered the best.

Achieving something great and being the best are fundamentally different achievements. Typically, the difference between the two is that being the best requires a mastery of consistency. The best individuals or teams also possess and demonstrate exceptional skill, expertise, and performance over time. They push boundaries, set high standards, and innovate. But they are consistently seeking improvement. In contrast, those who are good squander the opportunity to become even better and eventually the best by lacking the drive for consistency.

Winning the 2022 Best of the Best Award

In 2022, Cincinnati.com named The Arlington Funeral Home the Best Funeral Home in the Tri-State. The winning formula was built by rooting out every strain of individualism and nurturing a culture of solidarity, supporting best practices and a whatever-it-takes attitude to provide excellent customer experiences. The funeral home team is laser-focused on the lofty ideal of consistently being the guardians of solace, bearers of comfort, and weavers of cherished memories for families during their most challenging times.

Retaining the Best of the Best Title in 2023

Building upon its success in 2022, the Arlington Funeral Home defended its title by being named the Best Funeral Home again in 2023.  And for good measure, it was also named the Best Place to Work. These accolades highlight the exceptional service provided to grieving families and underscore the nurturing and supportive environment cultivated within the Arlington community. Employees at the Arlington Funeral Home are not just colleagues; they are a family united by a shared vision of compassion, professionalism, and excellence.

The Arlington Memorial Gardens is Committed to Excellence

While we celebrate the honor of being named the best by Cincinnati.com two years running, we understand that accolades alone do not define our journey toward excellence. They serve as benchmarks urging us to push the boundaries of our potential continually. Embracing the challenge to “three-peat” in 2024 means zero tolerance for resting on our laurels. Our goal is not merely to be recognized as the best momentarily, but to earn that distinction consistently through unwavering commitment and continuous growth.