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Arlington Becomes Dog Friendly November 1 October 11, 2019

AMG Dog Friendly Nov 1

In 1988, the American Pet Products Association (APPA) took its first poll on pet ownership.  In that survey of households, pet ownership stood at 56%.  In the 2017/18 survey by the APPA, that number jumped to 68% – which translates to about 85 million Americans owning pets.  There is a shifting cultural tide in the direction of pets.

While Americans own a variety of animals including cats, birds, fish, reptiles and others, Americans own more dogs – almost 90 million – than any other type of pet.  In fact, dogs are frequently considered an important member of the family.

There are many reasons why dogs are now blended into the family.  One theory is that pets have become increasingly important to women who are now more commonly single and live longer than men – or they have put off having children until they’re more established.  A dog is their companion and object of affection.  Others suggest that long distances between families have weakened social ties, and that long work hours and online social networks have served to disconnect people.  As a result, a dog or other pet become a more important companion.

Regardless of why, we know that more people are frequently accompanied by their dog when they are on our grounds.  With dog ownership expected to grow over time, we want to accommodate their visits as much as possible.  But allowing dogs on the grounds is a touchy subject.  We can’t accept dog waste in the gardens nor can we permit dogs running freely throughout the grounds.

As a reasonable middle ground, as of November 1, 2019, Arlington will become dog friendly –  but with very precise rules that must be followed.  Specifically, dogs must be on a leash and under control.  Also, owners are responsible for and must remove waste.  Failure to comply with these rules will result in removal from the grounds.

We expect this transition to a dog friendly facility will go very smoothly.  You can review the new policy below.  In the next few weeks, we’ll be installing dog waste stations to add to the convenience of cleaning up for your four-legged companions.

Arlington Article Policy: Dog Friendly Grounds

Dogs on leashes are allowed on the cemetery grounds, provided that their owners comply with all prevailing Ohio law and maintain reasonable control of their dogs at all times.  Owners are also responsible for cleaning up their dog’s waste and disposing of it in the trash receptacles located throughout the park.  The cemetery shall have absolute discretion to escort anyone off of the cemetery grounds immediately for failing to comply with either of the foregoing requirements.  Additionally, the cemetery shall have absolute discretion in determining such matters and may consider excessive barking or aggressive behavior toward another dog, visitor or staff as constituting a failure to control their dog.  The cemetery may institute a future temporary or permanent ban against any owner or their dog for failure to immediately comply with any such directives.  Notwithstanding any of the foregoing, the cemetery shall not be responsible for the safety of the owner or his or her dog.  In that regard, the cemetery shall endeavor to remove owners and their dogs for rules violations, the cemetery shall not be deemed to have guaranteed compliance by all visitors and, as such, all owners shall consider the cemetery as not having afforded them or their dogs any protections beyond that of any other public space.

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