2145 Compton Road, Cincinnati, OH 45231

Celebration of Life Campus

Construction’s Road Rage

It’s been an odd winter but meteorologically speaking, Cincinnati is well past first base and perhaps even rounding second.  Even so, while we can hope against hope, there are likely some winter days in our future before the pleasurable return of spring and warmer weather. We’re also in the final…...

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Celebration of Life Campus Update

If you’re driving west on Ronald Reagan Highway between the Hamilton Avenue and Colerain Avenue exits and happen to gaze to your right, you’ll see among other things the two new buildings that make up the initial construction of Arlington’s new Celebration of Life Campus, a 6 ½ acre site…...

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These aren’t lottery numbers and are assuredly meaningless to everyone else other than the employees here at Arlington.  Ah, but January 15, 2020 is the target date for Managing Funeral Director Byron Adkins and his team to take occupancy of the new Celebration of Life Campus which is the location…...

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Celebration of Life Campus Taking Shape

After several years of planning and a couple of false starts the Celebration of Life Campus, located on the western edge of our undeveloped property, is springing up with the first two of buildings now under roof. The Arlington Funeral & Celebration of Life Center stands just to the north…...

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New Campus Responds to Social Churn

Like so much in human experience, time brings change. The rock band Journey may have phrased it most succinctly when they sang, “The wheel in the sky keeps on turning.” Instead of “turning” perhaps Journey should have used the lyrical “churning.” Society inexorably churns over time.  Technology grows and evolves;…...

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Celebration of Life Campus on Schedule for Autumn Opening

Campus is the Site of Arlington’s Funeral Home & Cremation Tribute Center After years of discussions, reviews and planning, the Arlington Memorial Gardens Funeral Home will be a reality in Fall 2019. However, as we progressed through the planning stages, it became apparent that what we were creating was something…...

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