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New Bridge at Arlington Lake

The Arlington Lake Bridge, the iconic Arlington landmark well known throughout the community and one which has stood in place for 46 years, finally succumbed this past autumn to age and the elements of Cincinnati weather. The grey, graciously arched wooden structure erected in 1974 over the cove of water…...

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Arlington Offers Help with Loss of a Spouse Seminar

Death often wreaks havoc for survivors, regardless of the relationship.  The loss of a parent, a sibling, a child, a close relative or even a friend can be a horrendous loss leaving the survivor suffering from vertigo-like effects of grief.  In one chilling moment, life as we’ve known it heretofore…...

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All I Want for Christmas

I LOVE fall!  And our area (Cincinnati) has wonderful festivals to usher in this great season.  Last night we attended the Glendale Street Fair. Great night of food, beverages and story swapping.  Under the full harvest moon, we heard the story of our new neighbor, Greg.  Three years ago Greg…...

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100% Chance of Death

There are milestones in life that we gather to celebrate or commemorate.  Baptisms, Bar Mitzvahs, weddings, sweet sixteen, gender reveals and gotcha days, silver anniversaries and retirements.  Hours are spent planning, budgeting, shopping and trolling Pinterest for clever ideas to make such occasions special for all who attend.  If you’re…...

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Personal Touch

This morning I had a great conversation with an elderly friend and her younger neighbor.  The three of us while from different generations wholeheartedly agreed on the importance of physical touch in the beginning and end stages of life.  A baby that is denied human touch can fail to thrive…...

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Flowers have long been a way we communicate our feelings.  Red roses let someone know of our love, lilies can indicate hope and joy, daisies a sign of friendship.  And a big ‘ole unexpected bouquet delivery might just be a way of saying “I’m sorry!”   Like birds, trees and…...

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