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Celebration of Life Campus Update January 15, 2020

Arlington Memorial Gardens Funeral Home_Rendering

If you’re driving west on Ronald Reagan Highway between the Hamilton Avenue and Colerain Avenue exits and happen to gaze to your right, you’ll see among other things the two new buildings that make up the initial construction of Arlington’s new Celebration of Life Campus, a 6 ½ acre site that may eventually grow to four, five or perhaps six structures in the future.  For the time being though, construction is limited to the two facilities: the Cremation Tribute and the Celebration of Life Centers, respectively.

Both buildings are much more contemporary than what most have come to expect as funeral facilities, but that’s a planned feature of the campus.  As we’ve noted in the past, much like the changes occurring elsewhere, funeral rituals are undergoing some fundamental changes.  According to consumer research, our culture is trending away from funerals that feel stuffy, cold and controlled in lieu of services that feel more like events and celebrations.  This coincides, if not precisely than certainly closely, with the metamorphosis that is taking place in churches across the country where lessons from the pulpit are more focused on uplifting messages rather than judgment.  Our goal at Arlington is to be flexible enough to provide both traditional and more contemporary services.

As important as the new indoor facilities are to providing exceptional experiences for our families, we feel it’s just as important to provide other unique outdoor features that may induce the transformative services that consumers are seeking.  Outdoor meeting pods, walking paths, gazebos and lakeside areas of meditation are but a few of what is being planned.

With all of these projects taking place, we look to invite the public in for a series of open houses sometime during the early to mid-springtime.  We’ll continue to provide updates as we move to completion.

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