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Garden of Roses September 29, 2020

Tornado damage requires rebuilding of pergola.

On the evening of April 5, a tornado swirled through Arlington’s grounds leaving behind a line of destruction. Primarily, it twisted trees where they stood requiring their removal but the Garden of Roses long-standing pergola was totally destroyed leaving behind a pile of broken lumber and stonework.

The pergola had been discussed as an area that needed to be, at a minimum, refurbished. However, the tornado’s damaging impact meant that it needed to be rebuilt from the ground up. To accomplish that, we needed to work through the insurance company on a claim, hire and schedule a contractor and, because we wanted to embellish the Garden of Roses with a new structure with interesting designs, we needed to hire and work through an architect. Complicating all of this work was the fact that we were in the midst of a pandemic, a reality that slowed everything to a crawl.

Those roadblocks have now been cleared and work is scheduled to begin soon with completion before the onset of winter. The wooden framework will be more substantial but slightly different in order to accommodate different artistic elements, primarily wrought iron art created in the images and form of rose vines and roses – providing a visual symbolism of the Garden of Roses.

We’re anxious to move forward with this project and believe that Arlington lot owners and visitors will embrace the new pergola once it is completed and think it will become a familiar and beloved landmark.


  1. REPLY
    William Kuhlmann says

    I’m happy it’s being rebuilt. It sounds interesting.

  2. REPLY
    Beverly R Jackson says

    We have family buried in this Garden. Looking forward to completion

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