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Meet Teddy, Grief Therapy Specialist September 29, 2019

Meet Teddy

The human-canine bond goes back thousands of years and recently Arlington decided to put that bond to work.  Enter Teddy, a six-month-old white Golden-Doodle.  Happy and content, Teddy seems to charm everyone who comes in contact with him.  Currently, Teddy is spending his days at Arlington’s Administrative Center but will ultimately move his “desk” to the funeral home once it’s opened, in mid-January.  “Everyone in this office loves Teddy,” says Ann Meyer, Arlington’s Vice President of Administration.  “We’re going to miss him when he moves to the funeral home but since the funeral home is on the cemetery’s grounds, we know he’ll be a frequent visitor to the Administrative Center.”

Although animal-assisted therapy theory has been around since World War II, there has been a rise in the use of therapy dogs.  A large number of studies show that animals can offer relief and serenity to a wide age range of vulnerable people with various different emotional issues and are now found in places like funeral homes, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and hospices.  Grief therapy dogs, unlike service dogs, are not trained in skilled tasks.  Instead, they are trained to serve as companions in stressful situations.  Bounding and energetic, Teddy has already been through two rounds of training and can switch to a composed mode.

We invite you to stop by and say hello to Teddy.

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