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New Bridge at Arlington Lake January 16, 2020

bridge in fall

The Arlington Lake Bridge, the iconic Arlington landmark well known throughout the community and one which has stood in place for 46 years, finally succumbed this past autumn to age and the elements of Cincinnati weather.

The grey, graciously arched wooden structure erected in 1974 over the cove of water separating the Garden of the 23rd Psalm from the Garden of Meditation has long served as a “shortcut” to points south of Arlington Lake, including the Lakeside Chapel and Mausoleum complex and the southern-most gardens.  It has also served as the setting for hundreds of photos from proms to birthdays, graduations to weddings as well as the subject for numerous photos in Arlington’s annual calendar.

Based on the expense of merely making repairs, we made the decision to replace the bridge instead.  We’ve contracted with Glue-Lam Erectors of Trafalgar, Indiana to build and install the new bridge which we expect to be in place sometime between February and April.  Glue-Lam is one of a few companies specializing in heavy timber construction and installation and was involved with the construction of Noah’s Ark Encounter in Williamstown, Kentucky.

The new bridge will differ somewhat from the 1974 version.  New regulations, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) have reduced the “camber” of such structures to enable access and ease for those with disabilities.  Nevertheless, the new bridge will still feature an arch, albeit reduced, and will have its own unique features that we believe will be widely accepted as an improvement to the Arlington landscape.

We’re eagerly anticipating the installation of the new bridge and hope it will provide many years of service to the friends, visitors and owners of Arlington property.  We will post photos on our Facebook page once installation begins.


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