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Stranger in Your Own Home? November 17, 2018

Stranger in Your Own Home - AMG Blog

Our hearth and home – it’s generally considered a great source of comfort and sustenance.  Acclaimed poet Maya Angelou wrote, “I long, as does every human being, to be home wherever I find myself.”  It’s usually the one place where we let down, let go and allow ourselves to be transparently who we are.  It’s the one safe place where we can share and confide.  The problem is that we put things off and frequently fail to communicate, confide and disclose – particularly about complex or difficult matters.  As a result, those around us the most are paradoxically in the dark.

Discussing your final wishes certainly qualifies as a complex and difficult matter.  It’s most likely not on your bucket list of things to do.  After all, who wants to discuss their own mortality?  But, here at Arlington we understand the staggering ramifications for the surviving family when that conversation has been avoided.  Second guessing, guilt and regret are all part of the aftermath in those cases.  So, we’d like to introduce you to “The Conversation Project” and help you provide you with a plan to take the time and initiative to have that conversation with your loved ones.

Oddly, a good time to begin communicating your final wishes is during the holiday season when you often spend quality time with your family.   Allocate a little time for clarifying your final wishes; you might be surprised at how grateful your family would be for taking the initiative and eliminating guesswork for them.

As we approach the holidays, ask yourself if your family knows what you’d like to receive for Christmas.  If not, then how would they ever really know what your final wishes?

Call or e-mail us at Arlington or the Arlington Funeral Home if you or someone you know needs help in starting the conversation about final wishes.  We’re here to help!

The Conversation project

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