2145 Compton Road, Cincinnati, OH 45231

Peggy Friedhoff

Whispering Winds Renovation

Renovation is first step in a series of upgrades Early this spring we completed renovating Whispering Winds, the first of what will be several upgrades to the area just south of the Compton Road Main Gates. During this initial phase, Whispering Winds, the dedicated area designated for cremation scatterings, was…...

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Destroyed Pergola is Rebuilt . . . Finally

Long delay due to pandemic shortages A tornado that hopscotched through the memorial park in April, 2020 landed squarely in line with, and then on top of, the old, white pergola structure that had been a part of the Garden of Roses for at least 50 years. Flash forward a…...

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We Salute Our Final Responders

Today – March 11 – is National Funeral Director and Mortician Recognition Day and we want to salute all of the wonderful and absolutely compassionate care provided by these Final Responders, especially having served the untold thousands of families during the pandemic crises.  Of course, we want to pay special…...

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Christmas Decoration Removal Begins Feb. 3

Much like everywhere else – malls, retail stores and restaurants, we begin seeing Christmas decorations dot the landscape immediately following (and even sometimes prior to) Halloween.  Obviously, the Christmas season has deep familial roots and the atmosphere surrounding the Christmas season is charged with thoughts of reminiscing and memories. We…...

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Thank You for Visiting + May 26 Winner

Sunday, May 26 was a very busy day at The Arlington Memorial Gardens. At 11:30 we were honored to host an open to the community Lunch with a Veteran luncheon. At noon, Team Fastrax provided a fun and inspiring patriotic skydiving exhibit for the crowd of over 300 attendees into…...

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The Arlington Memorial Gardens History

EARLY HISTORY Washington’s Land Warrant Washington’s Land Warrant:  Arlington can be traced directly to our country’s very beginnings through the Abner Johnson family. Of Scotch ancestry, the Johnson family immigrated to Basking Ridge, New Jersey long before the American Revolution but during the War of Independence Abner Johnson joined the…...

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