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New Campus Responds to Social Churn

Like so much in human experience, time brings change. The rock band Journey may have phrased it most succinctly when they sang, “The wheel in the sky keeps on turning.” Instead of “turning” perhaps Journey should have used the lyrical “churning.” Society inexorably churns over time.  Technology grows and evolves;…...

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A Difficult Question…..

If there had been a death in your family yesterday, what would you being doing today?  It’s not something we like to think about because it’s probably one of the toughest questions you will ever have to face.  If your answer is to “call someone”, that is a good start. …...

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15 Most Common Documents Needed

After a death occurs, family members or the person in charge of the estate will need to gather the following legal documents, most of which need to be the original versions:  Last Will and Testament  Revocable Living Trust  Irrevocable Living Trusts  Valid Birth Certificate  Social Security Card and/or Number Current…...

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