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Celebration of Life Campus Taking Shape October 4, 2019

Celebration of Life Construction

After several years of planning and a couple of false starts the Celebration of Life Campus, located on the western edge of our undeveloped property, is springing up with the first two of buildings now under roof.

The Arlington Funeral & Celebration of Life Center stands just to the north side of the Cremation Tribute Center with both buildings intended to serve completely different functions.  The Celebration of Life Center is primarily a convenient gathering space that will accommodate a variety of activities and events with the key being providing individually personalized funerals, memorial remembrances, celebrations of life and other events.

As the U.S. culture evolves, end of life rituals are transforming as more and more consumers are reconsidering what their end of life service will look like.  Rituals for what is called the Silent Generation (those born prior to 1945) tend to follow the more traditional funeral route including the customary ground burial while the services for Baby Boomers (1946 – 1964), Generation X (1965 – 1976) and those identified with even younger generations are clearly gravitating to less traditional services that also include cremation as the choice for final disposition.  The cremation rate in America is rising at about 1 ½ % per year and is already over an annual rate of 50% across the country with projections as high as 75% -80% in the future.

Of the two buildings currently under construction, the Cremation Tribute Center will be the “technical and preparation facility” while the Funeral & Celebration of Life Center, as mentioned above, will be for all types of gatherings and events.

While the two building are of course featured, the 6 acre campus itself presents unique features that provide immediate conveniences, such as on-site parking, and other comforting qualities including two ponds, and plans for a terrace, a pier overlooking one of the ponds, a walking path and a gazebo.

The completion date for both buildings is January 15, 2020.  Plans for open house and dedication ceremonies are underway and will be made public in the next few weeks.  While construction is ongoing, the Arlington Funeral Home is sharing office space with the cemetery’s Administration Center.  Manager Funeral Director Byron Adkins is available for at-need consultations and the funeral home is fully staffed with funeral pre-need advisors.  To contact the funeral home staff to discuss arrangements or planning, call (513) 728-3460.

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