2145 Compton Road, Cincinnati, OH 45231

Destroyed Pergola is Rebuilt . . . Finally May 3, 2021

Pergola 2021

Long delay due to pandemic shortages

A tornado that hopscotched through the memorial park in April, 2020 landed squarely in line with, and then on top of, the old, white pergola structure that had been a part of the Garden of Roses for at least 50 years. Flash forward a year and a new, sturdy structure has been built after months and months of frustrating (even maddening) delays due to pandemic-driven shortages of materials (as in stone and lumber) as well as the initial stay at home orders for non-essential workers (which impacted numerous, if not most, construction companies) that lasted several weeks.

The last of the cross-members of the two, lower trellis were added just after Easter and all that remains now is the final coat of stain that required warmer temperatures in order to enable the wood to dry properly. Once the pergola is stained, we will have added another new and iconic structure to the park’s landscape, similar in fact, to the Arlington Lake Bridge which was rebuilt in early 2020.

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