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Front Entrance Facelift December 23, 2021


UPDATE – December 23, 2001


If you’ve been an Arlington visitor during the autumn, you’ve certainly noticed all of the construction activity as you enter the grounds from Compton Road. That construction is part and parcel of a very significant project that we’re calling the Compton Road Gateway. Essentially, once completed, the frontage of the memorial park will have a much different look than it has since virtually the development of Arlington eighty-seven years ago.

For some time now the Board of Trustees has considered a plethora of different ideas for the frontage of the park. Ten years ago, there was serious consideration given to the idea of building the Arlington Funeral Home in the undeveloped land just to the east of the Compton Road gates. That idea was jettisoned not only because of the lack of parking, but also because it was determined that families choosing the Arlington funeral home would have a much better experience through the development of a new campus in the southwest quadrant of Arlington’s property that provides a setting of natural beauty, other splendid features, and the convenience of an onsite parking lot. The result is the new Arlington Funeral Home and Care Center which opened in 2020.

But more practical considerations brought about this year’s construction. Large delivery trucks are now a common occurrence, and they require wider roads. In addition, we often have traffic backed up as cars are exiting the park. For these reasons and others, the gateway project became a reality this year. However, because we wanted to limit traffic problems during construction, we opted to break the project into two phases allowing traffic to flow in and out of the park with only minor disturbances.

What’s Different? The most immediate noticeable difference will be the widening of the roads. This will be particularly apparent as you enter and leave the park. But as the project continues into 2021, other differences will be new water features, new flag poles, electronic gates, new signage and a rebuilt balustrade. In addition, the ravine area behind the balustrade will be further developed (see preliminary rendering).

The Compton Road Gateway project is an ongoing effort to update and produce additional beauty to the existing grandeur of the park. While all of this takes place, we continue to believe it can be accomplished with only minor disturbances, but we will continue to ask for the patience of all our visitors.

UPDATE – November 8, 2001

Phase I of our Gateway Project, which is the construction of a new entrance lane to the grounds, has gained steam for the past week as the weather has improved with mild temperatures and beautiful, sunny autumn skies.  As a result, Westside Paving’s construction crew has made significant progress towards completion of Phase I.  However, entering the park could become a bit stickier for the next couple of days given that the entrance lane has been temporarily narrowed to enable ongoing work.

We’re providing this cautionary notice to assure that your visit to our grounds is as convenient and safe for you and the construction crew as possible.  Our best advice is to be very careful when approaching the entrance and proceed very slowly through the construction site.

We’ll continue to provide updates as necessary


The week of October 25 was a complete “washout” due to the consistent rain fall almost all week long.  As a result, the Compton Road Gateway project came to a complete standstill.  Fortunately, other than looking utterly unsightly, the construction hasn’t yet created any logjams as traffic has flowed in and out of the park.

Looking at this week’s sunnier forecast, it seems likely that much more work will be completed.  We still believe that this phase of the project will be completed in the next two to three weeks.  But, as we all know, nothing brings on rain quicker than starting your lawn mower…or starting an outdoor project.

We thank our visitors for their patience and we’ll continue to provide updates.


As we’ve discussed in newsletters and on our social media platforms and website, the scheduled construction for our Compton Road Gateway is now underway.  General Contractor TriVersity Construction is managing the project with Westside Paving & Excavating performing the demolition and repaving and the Osterwisch Company performing all the new electrical work.

Given the scope of this project, it’s been broken into phases to limit the disturbance of traffic flow in and out of the park.  This autumn’s Phase I is limited to widening and relocating the entrance lane, moving it further to the west.  In addition, the shrubbery located at the exit will be removed as well as the unsightly power pole, which will be relocated to a more appropriate location. Electric gates will be installed later this year.

Next year, Phase II will include the widening of the exit from the park including separate lanes for right and left turns onto Compton Road. New pillars and signage will also be included in Phase II.  Phase III will include the development of the wooded area behind the balustrade which we began clearing this past summer and the expansion of Whispering Winds with new cremation memorialization options incorporated as part of the expansion.

During the current construction phase, we expect very little disruption but there could be minor changes in traffic patterns entering the grounds.  Our best advice is to pay close attention when turning into the park from Compton and then drive slowly with caution.  Construction should be completed in about three weeks, depending on weather.


Plans for the redesigned Compton Road entrance to the Memorial Park have been finalized and work will begin within a matter of days, or shall we say, as soon as the weather permits for the mobilization of equipment and for the initial stages of the project.  That work includes the grading of newly configured and wider roads.

Dry weather is a key component of new road excavation because it exposes the “sub-soil” to the elements, particularly rain; and, rain-saturated sub-soil is unsuitable for new pavement. While “undercutting” is an effective technique that mitigates sub-soil saturation, it’s expensive and time consuming – two factors that we’re trying to effectively manage.  This simply highlights the fact that the science and engineering of road construction has advanced enormously over time but the one thing that still provides contractors with challenges is, wait for it…the weather!

Cincinnati-based TriVersity Construction is serving as the general contractor and Westside Paving & Excavating is the project’s sub-contractor.  Designed by Arlington’s longtime architectural partner, HWH Architects, Engineers & Planners of Cleveland, Ohio, the entrance phase project is merely a component of a much larger redevelopment of the entire north end of the park that will be ongoing for the next two to three years.  This construction is expected to last approximately three weeks and has been designed to produce little or no interruption to traffic entering or exiting the grounds.

For any questions you might have regarding this project, please feel free to contact Arlington’s main office at (513) 521-7003.

When Arlington was opened in 1934, the front door to the new memorial park was the Compton Road main gates and its landscaped parkway-like thoroughfare leading to the interior of the park and the various gardens. A contemporary design at the time, it received new embellishments from time to time including the installation of what became and yet remains the dominant feature, a replica of the statuary work by renowned sculptor Bertel Thorvaldson called the “Christus.”

Over the years, seasons and time have degraded both the functionality and the optics of the “gateway to Arlington” requiring Arlington’s leaders to respond with a major landscape facelift.  Improving the flow of traffic entering and exiting the park is one imperative while adding interesting new designs and features is another.  New roadway designs, gates, pillars, signage, and then tying the front entrance to the area adjacent to Whispering Winds with new water features are also included in the re-design.

When you arrive at Arlington through the Main Entrance from Compton Road, you’ll noticed the first traces of the impending work that is underway as overgrowth of vegetation and declining tress behind the existing stone balustrade is systematically being removed.  As this project moves forward, our ultimate goal, as always in everything we do, is to improve the experience for those who visit our grounds and facilities.  In the process of making these improvements, there may be some unavoidable inconveniences – something we apologize for in advance.  As the very first phase of the 2- or 3-year project kicks-off in mid-September, we’ll do everything we can to minimize disruption to traffic for visitors or for those attending services of any kind within the gardens.  Let us know if you have any difficulties that seem excessive – we’re always interested in feedback!

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