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Improvements and Updates throughout Arlington June 27, 2020


Arlington’s vast green spaces and winding roads can sometimes surprise new visitors who are perhaps unsuspecting of the breadth of the park-like setting. If they missed the directional signage when they entered from Compton, they can often tour most of the entire 165 acre park before happening upon what is frequently their destination: the Lakeside Chapel and Mausoleum Complex. Very soon the pending opening of Celebration of Life Campus will create a new destination and perhaps even more confusion.

But we’re aggressively working to mitigate that confusion. Recently, the degraded roads created by the year-long pounding of heavy construction equipment, were at long last resurfaced when the spring rains took a break long enough for us to complete that project. The new roads have eliminated the adventure of dodging potholes and produce a dramatically smoother drive throughout the grounds. But that’s not all. Along with the new pavement beginning at the Compton Road entrance, we’ve added a new Blue Line Route that serves as the directional path to the Celebration of Life Campus – the site of the Arlington Funeral Home and the Cremation Tribute Center both scheduled for opening on August 1st.

The Celebration of Life Campus is a fabulously convenient and modern facility that connects the final disposition services of the Memorial Park with those provided by a funeral home. The site provides new flexibility for traditional and non-traditional services unlike other funeral facilities in the area. The funeral staff is available 24 hours a day to help you and your family through, what we know, are truly difficult times. If you’d like additional information, you can contact the funeral home at (513) 728-3460.

One other update needs to be discussed. In early April, Arlington played host to a tornado for a very brief moment. But in that brief time, numerous trees were destroyed as well as the Garden of Roses Pergola. While the sturdy granite niches located under the Pergola remained, as we would have anticipated, absolutely undisturbed, the same can’t be said for the rest of the structure which fell victim to the twister’s vicious winds.

After clearing tree and limb debris from numerous areas in the park, all during the most locked-down portion of the pandemic’s lock-down, we are responding as swiftly as possible to the rebuilding of the Pergola. However, it is a property damage claim which means it’s subject to review and the approval of the insurance company. We do believe that approval is coming soon and we are in the final design stages that will enable reconstruction to begin sometime in the next thirty days. The pending design incorporates elements that will add new color and artistic symbolism appropriate for a structure located in a rose garden. We’re looking forward to this new addition that we believe will embellish our grounds. Stay tuned for additional updates in coming newsletters.


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    When will the debris from the trees and the dirt be removed by the Patriot Garden along the fence line? What is the crushed blacktop along there for?

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      Lisa McClain says

      Good morning Vivian. An update on the wood debris around Patriotism. Much has been removed and the rest will be chipped up soon to use around the property.

      Hello Vivian. Thank you for your questions. The wood debris along the fence line from the tornado will be removed. We are in contact with Rumpke about obtaining a dumpster to have it all hauled away. As for the crushed blacktop/chipped asphalt, that will be used soon as the base for the roadway behind Patriotism. We apologize for the unsightliness of it and we are working on getting it corrected. Please feel free to reach out with any additional questions or comments.

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    Beverly R Jackson says

    My family members are buried in the Garden of Roses. I look forward to more information.

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