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Merry Christmas from The Arlington Memorial Gardens December 23, 2021

Your light will always shine in my heart

As we enter the holiday season, we here at The Arlington Memorial Gardens are thinking of those families that we have served who might be experiencing something a little different this year.  Gathering during the holidays with family after losing a loved one will be hard for many people as often times this will bring back memories of your loved one.  There will be a missing person at the table, there may be a different home to gather in, the ham or cookies might not be prepared the same way and there will probably be that “thing” that your loved one always did during this time of the year that may not happen.  As hard as it will be we hope that you will embrace those memories, share your stories that will honor your loved one for many holidays to come.

One of the hardest things that our families encounter during these times is when family members try to overlook the obvious and not talk about that person, hoping to not stir up emotions.  While the intentions are honorable… many surviving family members see this as their loved one being forgotten and it sinks in as a deep pain.  Do not be afraid to stir those emotions with great memories and stories… embracing the memories are a big step in the grieving process and will help us cope with the loss… it may not be quick but over time this will prove to be a great step in the healing process.

To our families we have served through The Arlington Memorial Gardens, suffering the loss of a parent, a spouse or even a child will be one of the hardest things that we all might face one day.  The holidays are meant to be cheerful and spent with our family as we celebrate our beliefs in the season that we are in.  Do not lose hope in the holidays and all the cheer that it brings, the time will come as our hearts begin to mend that we can use our memories and possibly create new traditions that will pay honor to our loved one for many years.  We hope you see a light through the darkness, for your loved one’s light will always shine in your heart, during this holiday season and throughout the years to come.  From our families to yours, we wish you a safe and very Merry Christmas.


  1. REPLY
    Karen Teipe says

    My family and I want to wish everyone at Arlington a very Merry Christmas. You have helped us through this difficult year . Wishing everyone a safe, healthy New Year.

  2. REPLY
    Gregg Ragle says

    Thank you so much for this. This will be my first Christmas without my Mom and Dad and I miss them so much. I still listen to their voice messages they left me. It helps some. Thank you for the kind message, it does help.

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