2145 Compton Road, Cincinnati, OH 45231

Spring Temperatures bring renewal of projects March 16, 2021


With the emerging spring-like weather, most of our facility projects, having hibernated during the winter, are staged and ready to proceed once more.

Perhaps most notably, construction on the Garden of Roses’ new pergola is set to begin again in the next few days with completion expected within a week or two – weather permitting.  Visitors may recall that the old structure was razed to the ground last April when a tornado hit-skipped its way through the Park.  While insurance settlement and delivery of materials languished throughout the summer and fall due to pandemic-related delays, we believe the new, larger structure will become another highly recognizable Arlington feature once it’s completed, similar to the esteem heaped on the new Arlington Lake Bridge, completed just last spring.

While the pergola’s completion is highly anticipated, its scope takes a back seat to the Compton Road Main Entrance project which is also scheduled to begin this spring.  That project, broken into phases, will incorporate distinct goals including the widening of the entire area to enable ease of entry & exit to and from the park; new signage and lighting; and the clearing of the brush and overgrowth in the immediate vicinity.

These projects are just two of several Arlington facility improvements slated for 2021.  Road paving will resume again during the summer and fall.  A new gate at Madison Avenue is due to be installed in March.  Organic sediment is scheduled to be removed from certain sections of the Arlington Lake in June.  And, finally, various roads throughout the park will be named and signage will be strategically installed to assist visitors in locating the various gardens.

As spring and summer unfolds, we plan to aggressively consider areas of improvement to make all Arlington experiences as easy and convenient as possible. If there are questions regarding any of these activities, please call our office for more information.


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    Carol M Shannon says

    I have always been against the practice that this cemetery persists in following …that of not allowing artificial flowers year round…
    That seems archaic as nowadays artificial flowers have come a long beautiful way and are quite beautiful and mostly made of silk…not the fading plastic type of artificial flowers of olden times. Often persons buried here have loved ones who cannot afford fresh flowers but would like to decorate their loved ones grave.. Fresh flowers last a day or two and are wasteful use of precious income…especially for senior citizens and with this pandemic and lost jobs etc fresh flowers are wasteful for many people who have loved ones buried or interred at this cemetery. Today’s artificial flowers , on the other hand , can be purchased even at inexpensive stores like “the dollar tree” etc and are quite beautiful. You need to come out of the dark ages . I have both my parents interred here and both my in laws buried here.I often hear visitors comment how bare it looks here since you don’t allow fresh flowers year round, many vases look sad with dried up flowers . I hear this comment all the time. Even my own family who live out of town and usually can only visit during the warmer months and they are upset that our parents are buried at a place where artificial flowers aren’t allowed year around. My husband , son and I have prepaid for our cremains to be placed in a outdoor mausoleum right across from my parents mausoleum and I am considering changing our 3 cremains locations to be set up with another cemetery . I believe you must be the only ones who have such an archaic artificial flower policy. The silk flowers year round look beautiful and show family members love and respect their deceased family members. . All the dead flowers in vases look neglected and less well off family members feel bad that they cannot afford live flowers for their loved ones and it is quite obvious by the dead flowers from the winter months . It looks like your facility is discriminating against the less well off since they cannot afford live flowers when they have so many other bills to pay. Doesn’t anyone at your facility realize that ??? You need to get with the times. I take flowers to another cemetery for an elderly friend’s husband since she is in a wheelchair and has to sit in the car while I take the flowers to her husbands grave….and that cemetery is beautiful as so many graves have the artificial flowers year round. When we drive to Arlington after leaving her husbands cemetery she always comments how drab and uncared for so many of the gravesites are at Arlington and so sad since no artificial flowers are allowed at Arlington except during the winter….it’s that obvious. I have been meaning to write this letter for a long time.

    • REPLY
      Lisa McClain says

      Thank you for reaching out with your concerns & suggestions regarding artificial flowers at Arlington. As you are aware, our Floral policies regarding Artificial flowers has been in place for many, many years and you are not alone in your desire to be able to place them year round.

      While there are numerous reasons for the policy, the most important in regards to the timing of when artificial flowers can be placed on the grounds of Arlington is safety – to our visitors and our employees. With mowing of the gardens through out the Memorial Park beginning in the Spring, it is imperative that we do not risk any type of objects on the grounds that could become airborne and could cause serious injury while mowing. We hope you can understand that the safety of our visitors and employees is a top priority, therefore this policy will remain in our guidelines.

      Again, Thank you for reaching out.

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