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The Arlington Lake Bridge May 3, 2020

For a full 45 years, the arched walking bridge that spanned Arlington Lake had been one of the favorite destinations for Arlington visitors.  It was perfect for observing the lake’s fish and wildlife.  During the spring months, it was common for the bridge to serve as the prop for prom, graduation and wedding photos.  During the summer months, the bridge served as a short cut for pedestrians headed to the South Lawn of Arlington Lake for one of our summer concerts.  But time and change served to ravage the bridge and by 2019, it became irreparable and consequently untenable to allow it to be used.  It was therefore closed for almost the entire year during 2019.

But, almost immediately before the Coronavirus pandemic struck, the new bridge was installed by Glue-Lam Erectors.  All of the stone work was rebuilt and refinished and new sidewalks installed.  The finished, red-stained structure is a strikingly handsome addition to the grounds.

During the pandemic, we’ve noticed an uptick in people walking through the grounds.  It’s a great setting for a daily walk and while here, we invite everyone to take a trek over the new Arlington Lake Bridge!


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    Anthony F. Schaefer says

    My wife and I had pictures taken on the old bridge on Oct. 13, 1979 with our wedding party, so that old bridge holds a lot of sentiment for us. Plus, my parents are buried in Garden of Meditation, and my wife’s parents are buried in the Garden of the Good Shepherd, so we have crossed the old bridge many, many times over the years. But the new bridge looks wonderful. and will create and hold dear memories for many other newlyweds, and loved ones of deceased interred at Arlington!

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