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An almost perfect autumn afternoon with plenty of sunshine and a long overdue break from the summer-like conditions that had lingered throughout September gave several hundred children, and their parents, a great opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy the cooler temperatures, lower humidity and the fun and games of Arlington’s fall festival. 

Whether it was munching on popcorn and cotton candy or riding on the “train” that looped around the roadways, working on a craft, bobbing for apples, participating in a sack race or having their faces painted, the infectious laughter and smiling faces of children and parents alike was evidence enough to demonstrate that even in today’s high tech environment, kids of the 21st century still enjoy many of the simpler and more “wholesome” activities of earlier generations. 

Actually, as our culture evolves and traditions wane, we at Arlington believe that there are good reasons for exposing children to some of the low-tech fun of days past.  We also think it’s important that our youth are made aware of the values of remembrance and memorialization in our society and hosting activities such as the Children’s Festival is one way to achieve that goal.  Rather than the negativity of popular culture – for instance in movies like The Omen and other Hollywood portrayals – where cemeteries are depicted as scary or even evil places, activities like the Children’s Festival promotes a much healthier and balanced, not to mention realistic, perspective. 

And, in a broader context, the Children’s Festival meant that adults were also on hand reveling in the entertainment and joyfulness of their own child (or children).  It brought hundreds together in one place and served to remind us all, in this period of so much divisiveness, that there is still a lot of good in the world in which we live. 

For those who attended, we thank you for helping to make the day very special and for those of you who did not attend, we hope to see you at next year’s festival!


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    Kay Schock says

    What happened too. The picture
    Of the Candy Corn & Gift Card picture
    Of Yalonda Cross?

    • REPLY
      Arlington Memorial Gardens says

      Hello Kay. As soon as we have both winners pictures we will share those.

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