The Arlington Lakeside Chapel & Mausoleum, was built in 1987 to accommodate the increasing preference of above ground entombment as an alternative to ground burial. The Chapel itself is distinguished by its marble and mahogany décor, the great stained glass window and the comfort it provides for meditation and reflection. The Chapel can be utilized as one large chapel or subdivided into three smaller chapels.

In December 2014, a major expansion of the Lakeside Chapel was completed to meet the growing needs of Arlington families. You can learn more about the construction and see photos of progress on this page.

Within the Lakeside Chapel, and as an additional alternative for those who prefer cremation, the Columbarium of the Four Apostles provides marble, bronze and glass front niches in an area that offers all of the benefits of the more traditional entombment. While serene and dignified, the Columbarium of the Four Apostles adds an element of privacy for visitors, family and friends.

The Lakeside Chapel is open for visitation from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM daily and by special request.